What's in the bag?

The emphasis of this website is on information. That's my profession. A large part of my (work related) baggage can be found in the virtual memory. That's why there's always a laptop in my bag, with internet connection and documents that are usefull for work. The materials are often created by others, or commissioned by others, and I cannot give it away on this website.

What I can offer is my own software. It comes in two categories: applications I use to make spare time more enjoyable, and tools I've created to develop those applications (and sometimes for commercial assignments) more easily.

In 2010 I've started adapting the software for use by others. That project is still progressing, albeit slowly. The software (with source code) is available from an Assembla portfolio. This work will be continued in 2011.

Applications for spare time

Available shortly:

Tools for software development

Already on Assembla:

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