Frank's observations
(This part of the website will become available sometime in 2011)


Blogs, tweets, status updates... There are many ways to shout digitally to the world. Usually it is in reaction to something that is published on the internet, sometimes it results from an original vision. But how do I get interesting tidbits from others? And on which platform will I be heard?


I know how it should work. Frank's observations collects all developments into a single place. I'll be able to see what's happening in the digital world from every computer (and perhaps also from a smartphone). And if there's an interesting story, I can comment on that immediately and send it off to the rest of the world. It will appear on this website; its plumbing will automatically transfer the message to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or whatever platform I'm active on. And perhaps I can even produce an original observation once in a while...


The software powering this website does not yet offer all required features. An update of the software with the necessary functionality is scheduled for 2011.

Frank's observations