Virtual memory
(This part of the website will become available sometime in 2011)


A list of favorite websites is useful, but its maintenance becomes a nightmare if the list grows. What was the name of the site again that you need only once a year? Or should you look on another computer for the favorite? A bookmark that you used to click very often in the past is now pointing to an error page. And if someone asks a question and you answer I'll send you some links, that turns out to be more work than you intended.


The virtual memory solves that problem for me. All favorites are listed in context, and can be searched in several ways (by me, but also by you). And the website detects if a favorite no longer points to a valid web page. Instead of sending someone links to websites, I'll send a link to a location within the virtual memory.


The software powering this website does not yet offer all features needed for the virtual memory. An update of the software with the required functionality is scheduled for 2011.

Virtual memory